PalFish Hiring Process: A Step-By-Step Guide

Teaching online has been such a saving grace to me the past few months. I constantly rave about how much fun I have teaching my cute and insanely smart Chinese students.  PalFish is a well-known online teaching company based in China. They make it super easy by allowing you to teach straight from your phone, tablet, or iPad. The hours are flexible and you have the ability to teach from anywhere in the world.

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My PalFish classroom set-up!

What you need to know

  • Job requirements:
    • Have a TEFL, TESOL, or other teaching certification
    • Have experience teaching kids (preferred)
    • Native English speaker with a neutral accent from Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, or Canada
    • PalFish is also open to Filipino English teachers (separate application link)
  • The pay rate for the Official Kids Course ranges depending on your points (bonuses and how many classes you teach. You will get an extra 5 ¥ for being on-time to class. These are the pay rates per class:
    • Level 1: 50 + 5 ¥
    • Level 2: 55 + 5 ¥
    • Level 3: 60 + 5 ¥
    • Level 4: 65 + 5 ¥
    • Level 5: 70 + 5 ¥
    • (Trial classes are set at 50 + 5 ¥, regardless of your level)
  • There are two types of teachers on PalFish:
    • FreeTalk Teacher – you cannot teach Official Kids Course classes as a FreeTalk teacher. ‘FreeTalk’ is conversation based classes where students can call you and you will tutor them. These students are primarily teenagers or adults. You can set your pay rate. You do not have to be a native speaker.
    • PalFish Official Teacher – you can teach both FreeTalk and Official Kids Course classes. The Official Kids Course is the main focus on PalFish. These lessons are already prepared for you and designed for kids.
  • You will need an iOS (iPhone or iPad) or Android (phone or tablet) based device to teach.
  • Peak teaching hours Monday – Friday 6pm – 9pm, and Saturday – Sunday 9am – 9pm in Beijing time.
  • Starting April 27, 2020, new teachers will need to pass a 2-class probationary period to become an OKC teacher officially.

How to apply

Use my referral link / invitation code 79108257 when you sign up and I will be there to help you every step of the way! I will help maximize your chance at landing a job working at PalFish and answer any questions you having during the application process and getting started as a new teacher. I have already helped several people, I’d love to help you too!

When you click the link, it will ask you to enter your country code and phone number. Then you will fill out your user name, country, and invitation code: 79108257 


  • Download the PalFish teacher’s app from Google Play (Android users) or the App Store (iPhone users)
    • If you already registered before, you can still use the invitation code: 79108257 in your PalFish teacher app. To enter the invitation code after registering:
      1. Find the “Me” tab in the bottom menu
      2. Click the gear icon (settings) on the upper right
      3. Click the “Inviter – Enter invitation code” field to enter the code.

Fill out your application

This is my profile photo for PalFish. It’s fun and clearly shows my face. A plus is that you can also see my classroom!
  • Photo – make sure it is appealing, fun, and kid-friendly
  • Teaching certificate
  • Education and work experience
  • Text intro
    • This should be at least 100 words
    • Include your name, nationality, university, teaching experience, your interests, and what you can offer
    • Use simple words, as potential students and their parents will be reading this too
    • Emojis! Emojis will make your introduction much more appealing, as people in China really love them.
  • Audio intro
    • This should be at least 30 seconds. Ideally, 40 – 60 seconds
    • Talk slowly and make sure your pronunciation is clear
    • Include your name, experience, interests, and what you can offer (basically a summarized version of the text intro)
Feel free to use my text intro as an example!

Set up a payment method

PalFish offers payment through Payoneer (similar to PayPal) or you can link your Chinese bank account. Rumors are that PalFish is working on potentially offering a third method – paying directly into your home bank – but it’s not currently available yet.


The interview is just a short 25-minute demo lesson. You’ll be teaching to an empty classroom, so it’s very relaxed. PalFish will watch the recording of your class shortly after. Make sure to introduce yourself and your classroom. Have props related to the vocabulary words – if you can’t buy or print – draw (be creative)! Remember to use the AR filters and lots of TPR. You got this!

Before my own interview, I spent time watching other people’s interviews on YouTube. This will give you an idea to see what PalFish is looking for.


This is just a short quiz over the handbook. It’s super easy and you just take it over again until you answer the questions correctly.

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