I’m Moving Where?

As I sat in graduation two months ago, I thought I knew the plan for my life (at least for the next year). I was going to live and work in Springfield as I prepare to send out grad school applications, move into my own apartment, and get a dog. Little did I know, life had a change of plans for me.. Throughout the next few weeks I grew unsatisfied with the thought of staying in my small college town. It felt so…stagnant. My goal going into 2018 was to stop living life in my comfort zone. I wanted to experience new places, people, and things. I had always wanted to live overseas and the suggestion my mom gave about teaching English abroad became more than something I just giggle about because it sounds so unrealistic. The more I researched, the more realistic it became. Come mid-July, I had bought my one-way plane ticket to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam!

Why Vietnam?

My heart was originally set on Italy. The magnificent architechture of Rome, rowing through the city of Venice, eating delicious pasta in Florence! It all sounded too good to be true…and it was, for me at least. For starters, Italy would drain my bank account to the point where I’d be barely making it by. On top of that, the Italian government isn’t super keen on giving work visas to American citizens, so I’d be working ‘under-the-table’ aka illegally. I decided to open my mind to new places and Vietnam began to grow on me. It’s an easily overlooked country when it comes to travel, but its amazing beaches, motorbike-filled streets, good food, and beautiful culture drew me in and the more I started to dig, the more I fell in love. On top of that (and much more), it’s decently easy to obtain a work visa in Vietnam and the cost of living is very low. I’d be able to save money moving there. Yes you heard it right, I’d be able to save money moving overseas!

So, come September 12th I’ll be boarding a plane (or three) and flying off to my new home. I’ll be taking a month-long course to get my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate so that I will be able to teach English in Vietnam. Throughout that month, I will be studying English grammar intensively, creating lesson plans, and getting hands-on teaching practice. After that I’ll be free to look for a teaching job anywhere I please!

I’ll make mistakes, miss home, and have bad days, but I’ll also have good days, make new friends, and have the adventure of a lifetime! I’m excited to learn, grow and experience a new culture different from my own. This blog is to keep y’all updated throughout my move to Vietnam, but feel free to reach out to me at anytime!

Until next time,


One thought on “I’m Moving Where?

  1. Love you Haley and so excited for your new journey. Its awesome that through Christ we have incredible.peace and courage that leads us into an adventurous life, doing things we never thought we would have the courage to do. Your story is so wonderful! Never forget He is with you, in the uncomfortable he Moves! We have a full life and it is not because we follow the world or baby our feelings. We live with wonderful power and a life coming from Gods spirit in us! I celebrate your life and what God is doing in you. Always here if you ever need anything (: wish I had money to come visit you! Safe travels ❤


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